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Feuchter GmbH - PhilosophyIn its more than 50 years of corporate history, Feuchter has earned an
excellent reputation in the business of technical garments. Today, we have
established ourselves as the primary contact of public service departments,
the military and government agencies from around the globe that are in the
market for the customized manufacturing of garments and equipment that
have to concisely meet the respective national specifications and requirements.

Our worldwide network makes us a strong partner. We supply everything from
bullet to water to radiation proof clothing as well as Feuchter GmbH - Philosophygarments that are simply
functional or even chic – there is not one demand in the professional textile
segment we cannot meet.

We are in constant pursuit of one objective, which is our mission: Providing our customers
with the very best in service, quality, price and development – at all times. We are totally
committed to this mission and do whatever it takes to attain it: lean management,
constant research, maximum flexibility, streamlined production (just in time) and the
toughest quality checks possible.

The result: trust-based and secure customer relationshipFeuchter GmbH - Philosophys
that last for many years. What more could one want?